Jackson currently lives in SE Portland, Oregon. With his phenomenal blue nosed pitbull, Thor, he spends his days playing games, writing all of the things, or generally offering advice to people who give him money. He is a pale skinned Leprechaun who uses He/His/Him pronouns. He has strong opinions and generally has eloquent ways of expressing them.

Jackson started his career as a bartender in a foreign country when the other bartender just disappeared. No one knows where that guy went. After High School, Jackson ended up running some bars in Kanazawa, Japan. He returned to America in 2010 and got a job working at a small, local game store located in Boulder, CO called Karliquin's Game Knight. He also tended bar again during this time because he didn't know how sleep worked. In 2014, when Google bought the land to build their new campus, Jackson's boss, Karl decided to retire and quit. Jackson couldn't bear to let the community shrivel up, so he bought and moved the business. 2 years after that purchase, he sold the business to go work for Privateer Press in Bellevue, WA. After 1 year at Privateer, Jackson left to pursue other endeavors and ended up back in Colorado. Jackson writes for Geek and Sundry focusing on Magic the Gathering articles, but inevitably writes about anything. Jackson helped run QuarterWorld Portland as the Director of Marketing where he oversaw all copy writing, video production, and photography that took place.


I strive for inclusivity and equality for everyone. My major ways of doing this have to do with creating transparent communication channels between companies and their customer bases. Specifically, in the gaming industry (Video and Board games), communication can be hard without framing expectations properly or consumers believing a company is being shady. By opening up communication, we can better understand one another and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Often, as consumers or developers, there are expectations in place on either side that create confusion, uncertainty, or perhaps animosity. I hope to help do away with such conceptions and bring the groups closer. Of course, one is producing while the other is consuming, but it can be a healthier ecosystem where we all benefit by making super cool games and getting awesome feedback. I know I don't scream at a sandwich maker for not having the bread I like. 

Stemming from this is the ability to support and provide a space where people who aren't cis-het white dudes can do things. It's absolutely upsetting that companies don't necessarily support their front-facing, public voices and if you aren't a white guy it can be a death sentence. If we can correct that, it's better for everyone.

I also write things I believe are funny. That's far less important than the other stuff.


  • Moved Privateer Press to a Digital Format

  • Created the CID (Community Integrated Development) platform

  • Written technical and goofy articles for Geek & Sundry

  • Not murdered in Japan while being a bartender. Also got tattooed in Japan.

  • Visited multiple countries and all 50 states.

  • Taken photos of bears and not gotten eaten.

  • Made Carolina Reaper simple syrup and not immediately vomited.

  • Never pooped pants. Never. NEVER!


  • Philosophy and Mythology

  • Not being dead

  • Craft Beer and Cocktails

  • Reading and Writing

  • Painting Miniatures

  • Blacksmithing and other Crafts

  • Making people happy

  • Bathroom Selfies

  • Dogs

  • Rock Climbing

  • Pop Culture

  • Board Games, Video Games, and Roleplaying Games

  • Podcasts

  • Talking and Storytelling

  • Being recognized as someone else