Lasso the Moon Preview

The votes were in. People wanted to see "Lasso the Moon" as the spoiler. Sorry to disappoint, but it may not actually have to do with lassoing a moon.


Waters motioned toward the doors and opened one of them with their left hand. “Off you go. Take care out there. Don’t fuck it up, please.” Waters chuckled at himself when he said this. This whole thing was one colossal mistake. Everything that could go wrong very likely would. That was the way of things.

Their eyes peered to the west and they saw the mountains reflecting the sunlight in places. They were a nice, deep red similar to that of Mars. They were known as the Flatirons for good reason. Beyond their peaks, Riastrad’s eyes were drawn up into the sky. Floating high beyond the reach of their atmosphere they could see what looked like an asteroid field. A band of scrap and metal orbiting the world. Hidden among the shrapnel, illuminated by the blue that contained it, Riastrad could see the moon. It sat in a lasso of metal. There the moon loomed like an unobtainable beast. The only thought that ran through Riastrad’s head was that they would need to pull it down in those metal ropes.

“Best of luck...and skill.” The rasp of Riastrad’s voice reverberated in their own skull. It was something they had said long ago. They took a few steps past Waters who just stared.

“What?” Said Waters as their right hand lifted to scratch their head. “What does that even fucking mean?”

“A good friend of mine always said it. They made my eye and the gun. They believed that if you had good skill then you didn’t need luck. I started saying good luck and skill because it turns out having both is advantageous.” The mage stepped out into the daylight that they had just shielded themselves from. They definitely stood out on the corporate street like some kind of western clown wearing a poncho and snakeskin boots. “Off to the rodeo. I’ve got to lasso me a beast.”


I hope you've enjoyed this entirely out of context spoiler from Chapter 4: Lasso the Moon. Next Friday I'll give another chapter spoiler or talk about the writing process so far. See you then!