Chapter Titles & Numbers

When I first started writing this book, I started with the end. I wrote the very last paragraph of the book and said to myself "Yeah. I know how we get here" and somewhat outlined the chapters in my head and slowly gave them titles. To create suspense, I will also spoil a paragraph in one of the following chapters based on what people ask for on social media. Whatever gets the most wants gets a paragraph. Every chapter expresses a concept that isn't necessarily as forward as the title may suggest. Does the book have a name? Not yet.

  1. Sediment and Stone
  2. Unknown Waters
  3. Waiting to Bloom
  4. Lasso the Moon
  5. Underneath a Pale Sky
  6. Diving Deep
  7. On Foreign Shores
  8. Where There's Smoke
  9. Barren Fields
  10. Powerful Names
  11. Calling Out Shadows
  12. I Can't Go Home
  13. Cherry Blossoms
  14. Rectification of Self
  15. Rivers Freeze
  16. Spring Thaws Break
  17. Disappearing Ghosts
  18. Bottling Light
  19. Tempests Die
  20. Dust Flows

There may be more chapters as I find the need, but I am shooting for around 2,500 to 4,000 words per chapter as they make sense. I hate writing scenes that go longer than necessary. Let me know what you want to read based on these titles.