It All Starts Somewhere

Tonight I have the joy of going to see one of my now favorite bands, Murder By Death, in a town up north called Fort Collins. I was introduced to the band by my friend Matt Maenpaa whose name has a bunch of fucking umlauts over all the vowels like Finnish words do. I am thankfully seeing it with him and his wife Zoe. They are both far better writers than I am and far less haphazard to my “Write 10k words a day, you lump” approach.

The book first draft is written. It’s in the hands of an alpha reader who I expect will tell me I am trash, but he’s also a better writer than me so that’s good. I also told him to tell me I am trash though it isn’t my kink. Matt Goetz is phenomenal and you should definitely check him out especially when he allows me to put him on as a referral page.

This isn’t a big update. Just a “Hey, we wrote 90k words in 12 days. That’s something nuts, right? Okay. See ya in R'y’leh.” Or some shit. I hope the people who I post job applications to read these bonkers updates just so they can read it and go “Well…he said he wanted to be a marketing manager, but fuck, this dude is real weird. Maybe we, like, call him and tape it to play around the office. Cool cool cool.”