What's Next, 2018?

It feels a little weird to be writing this shortly after GenCon and the other announcement. As of this point, I have submitted somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 resumes. I'm doing something wrong, despite getting professional resume help. So I ended up in Idaho Falls, Idaho helping two amazing friends fix some problems with their new Point of Sale migration.

What does that mean? Well it means that as of August 31st, I started a novel. Probably because I am an idiot, but I was inspired and it only made sense. So I'll be writing that over the coming weeks and hope to have a novel finished by the end of September instead of November. Well, my part of the novel. Then it's going to need editing and pitched to publishers and all that weird nonsense.

I often forget that this section is for me, but I still shouldn't curse. Because apparently that turns people off of you. I may not be a great editor, but I can write. So just accept my curses. They're just flavoring participles like ums, likes, and noise.

Anyway, I'll be posting pieces of it as I go. Once a week, at least, I will have some kind of update about it.