Words in motion

So I promised that I would have some kind of update this week about what it has been like to write this first draft.

At the start of the week I promised myself to write at least 10,000 words per day. I reached out to the amazing Mike Ryan at Privateer Press on my way back from Idaho and he told me to shoot for 90,000 to 100,000 words. That seemed daunting when he told me, but I wanted to write a book. I said to myself that I could do this and he told me to update him every time I made 10,000 words of progress.

On September 11th I message him to let him know that I had written 30,000 words.

The next day I told him that we were over 40,000 words. It was here that Mike told me most authors average 2,000 words a day. I had a sense of pride that I was writing 5x as much, but worried if my book was going to be shit. He assured me that all first drafts are messy, but have beginnings, middles and ends. I see the end of this first draft coming next week.

I texted him on the 13th to let him know I hit 52,000 words. I didn’t tell him I had actually pushed beyond 60,000 that night. I had written close to 20,000 words that day. That was yesterday. Today I let him know that we were around 65,000 but as of writing this I am at 71, 418 words. Thanks built in word counters!

So what have I learned so far? I produce a fuck ton of content. I don’t know if that content is any good yet. I am sure I repeat myself and that I’ll lose 30,000 words after the draft. But I am going to polish and polish this until it’s ready. I am so grateful to have amazing people supporting me. I have the contacts to make this happen.

I still feel like a loser, but when I’m done I can say that I wrote a book even if no one ever reads it but me and the people who edit it.