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If you search for Jackson then you’ll have found any number of other people with the same name doing interesting stuff. This Jackson is a giant nerd who does marketing work and writing. Having over 12 years in the Beverage/Hospitality industry spanning Ireland, Japan, and primarily Colorado has allowed him to take new, fresh perspectives on traditional marketing approaches while being weird along the way. Jackson has performed marketing for 9 years in a manner often concurrent with his Beverage/Hospitality work.

Jackson did all of the marketing and events for QuarterWorld Portland as their Director of Marketing, writes for Geek and Sundry, continues to perform a variety of freelance marketing efforts, and is a consultant for anything board game related. He finds himself constantly wondering how bad his impostor syndrome really is among other topics that fill his life with existential dread. His personal writing often has a more humorous undertone, but he’s no slouch when it comes to Public Relations, Press Releases, Blogs, Product Copy, and whatever other forms of writing you may need.

Jackson was once told "good skill" instead of "good luck" which really stuck with him. Now he offers you both good luck and good skill because what else could be better?



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